FIBC Bags Types

Please find below the major big bag types in the market which are all produced and offered by DIV Trades. Most of these types can be combined, e.g. it is possible to produce a big bag which is at the same time formstable, coductive, foodclean, an UN bag and equipped with an inliner.


Standard Type B big bags are the most common big bags. They are made according to customer specifications and come with a wide range of options.

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Formstable big bags have a better space utilization compared to common big bags. Formstable big bags have diagonal reinforcement which allows them to keep their square shape when filled.

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Conductive big bags (also called antistatic big bags) are used to avoid electrostatic unloading during filling and discharging of the bag. This is necessary when either the product is flammable/explosive or the environment.

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With InlinersDivTrades_Inliner_Big_Bags.jpg

Big bags with inliners allow a better protection of the products they carry. A big bag with an Inliner protects not only from moisture but also leakage of the FIBC.

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Foodclean big bags are intended to come in contact with food. These big bags are produced with special technology to comply with Regulation (EC) 2023/2006, Regulation (EC) 10/2011 and Regulation (EC) 1935/2004.

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One / Two LoopsDivTrades_OneTwoLoops_Big_Bags.jpg

One- and two-loop big bags are easy to handle and have a good price to carrying weight ratio. They are often used with an inliner.

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UN BagsDivTrades_UNBags_Big_Bags.jpg

UN bags comply with the United Nations Recommendations on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods. They are stronger than other big bags and prevent leakage of the goods even in stressed situations. They are tested and certified accordingly.

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Ventilated Big Bags allow air circulation in the big bag. This is necessary for packing potatoes, onion or wood. The ventilation stripes allow fresh air to enter the bag which prevents moisture in the bags.

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FIBC Bags Specifications

We design tailor made pp woven packaging.
Find out more about possible big bag specifications

Large number of Styles - Due to the fact that most of all big bags are manufactured according to the customer's requirements, today, there exist a large number of styles and options. With 20 years of big bag manufacturing experience, DIV Trades is familiar with all of these styles.

Most important FIBC styles and options


Lifting Options

FIBC are usually equipped with four corner loops. However, there are several other FIBC lifting options available like cross corner loops, stevedore loops, one and two loop lifting and others....


Filling Options

Depending on the filing capabilities and the required product protection, FIBC come either with inlet spouts, top skirts, full open or other top constructions....


Discharging Options

Similar to the filing on the top, the bottom can be designed in various styles like discharge spout, fully closed, bottom skirt or other designs....


SWL and SF

Big bags are manufactured to carry a given weight (SWL) and are either for a single (5:1) or multi-trip (6:1) purpose. Find out more about SWL and SF of big bags....



The dimensions of a big bag depend on the storage and transportation ideas of the user (truck, pallets, racks,…) and the product density and bag target SWL....



Fabric can either have the minimum weight and strength that is necessary for the particular SWL or can alternatively be stronger to add additional quality to a big bag....


Dustproof and sewing

To prevent leakage of fine materials and to protect the goods inside a FIBC, there are various qualities of dustproof sewing....



Bulk bags can be printed on up to four sides. Printing is used both for marketing or information purposes. Find out more about printing on bulk bags....


Document Pocket

Bulk bags can be printed on up to four sides. Printing is used both for marketing or information purposes. Find out more about printing on bulk bags....


Individual Design

Since every customer has own big bag design, it is also possible to fulfill special request....

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