Formstable Big Bags (Q-Bags)

Use formstable FIBC to save space during transportation and storage

Formstable Big Bags are constructed with inner diagonal walls (baffles), which are sewn across the four corners and which ensure that the big bag keeps a rectangular shape when filled. Furthermore, the baffles prevent that the Q-Bag gets an stomach when full. Baffles are usually made from PP fabric with equally distributed holes that allow a free circulation of the product into the corners during filling and discharging.

Advantages of formstable big bags

  • Q-bags stay inside the borders of pallets
  • Easier to store. They stand better in shelfs and are more stable
  • Safe space in storage - formstable FIBC safe up to 25% of space
  • Safe space during transportation on road or rail, more economical transport (up to 25%) of formstable big bags compared to standard big bags
  • Q-bags can be used for packing any bulk materials like milk powder, granules or powders from the chemical industry.

Construction of formstable bulk bags

  • Baffles from PP fabric are sewn across the four corners of the big bag
  • Another type of formstable big bags has only one baffle which is sewn across the middle of the big bag.This type of Q-bag has a similar effect, ensuring that the big bag keeps its rectangular shape.
  • In case of dusty materials, baffles can be sewn single, double or tripple dustproof.
  • Q-bags are available in requested dimensions according to the specifications of our customers.


Types of baffles

  1. Standard baffle
    Standard baffles are made from pp fabric 100+30g/m² with equally distributed holes that allow the product flow during filling and discharging. This type is used in 95% of all formstable FIBC. 
  2. Net baffles
    Net baffles are made from PP tapes, which allows a equal flow into all corners of the big bag.

Types of Q-Bags:

Q-bags can be combined with all other big bag types like Type C big bags, big bags with inliner (so called Q-liner) or UN bags for dangerous materials.

Construction of inlet, outlet, filling loops and other specifications

Formstable big bags can have various types of inlets and outlets. Visit big bag specifications or standard big bags for more information.