Standard four-loop FIBC

FIBCs are the most cost efficient packaging solution available in the market

Standard 4-loop big bags

Standard big bags comprise all big bag types with a standard construction of bottom, four walls and four corner loops and with no special purpose. Most big bags produced by DIV Trades are standard four loop big bags. Often people think that “Type B” refers to standard bags. However, type B refers to the antistatic properties of a big bag.

Non-standard big bags are:

Special construction FIBC
Special purpose FIBC

Design your big bag

Big bags are no stock items, they are produced for every customer according to his individual requirements. If you want to buy a big bag you should think at least about the following 6 basic questions which our sales team will ask you:

  1. What do you want to fill in your FIBC?
  2. What dimensions shall the big bag have?
  3. How much weight will the big bag carry?
  4. Shall the big bag be dustproof and the fabric coated?
  5. How shall the top be constructed?
  6. How shall the bottom be constructed?

These are the most common top and bottom types:

If you have thought about these questions it is time to contact our sales team which will finalize the jumbo bag design with you.

If you have special requests or need a special designs check big bag specifications for even more options.

About big bags

Big Bags are big plastic sacks made from a polypropylene fabric body and loops to lift them. They have a volume of about 1-2 cubic meters and can lift up to 2 tons of bulk materials. Big Bags can be designed with various top and bottom constructions.

The technical term for big bags is flexible intermediate bulk container or FIBC. Other common names for FIBC are big bag, bulk bag (especially in the UK), jumbo bag, jumbo sack, pp woven container bag.