Strong Fabric protects your goods efficiently

The body of big bags is made from woven polypropylene fabric (cloth). Fabric can be distinguished by

  • fabric weight (e.g 165g/m2, 180g/m2, 200g/m2)
  • coating (none or +30g/m2)
  • colour (white)
  • UV protection (150kly)

Fabric weight

Body fabric

Fabric weight depends mostly on the SWL and SF of the big bag. Usually the customer does not have to decide which fabric strength the FIBC must have as this is decided by DIV Trades sales agents according to the SWL and SF and the respective certificates. However, a customer can always order an upgrade on fabric weight to get an even stronger big bag. Higher fabric weight (GSM) will lead to a smaller belly of the full bulk bag and makes the big bag more resistant against physical damages. Standard cloth weights are 165, 180 and 200g/m2.

Fabric weight of inlet spouts, skirts and outlet spouts

Inlet and discharge spouts and skirts are usually made from lighter cloth of 70g/m2 or alternatively 100g/m2. They are by default coated. The main advantages of using a light cloth is that the cloth is smooth so it is easier to fold, unfold and tie.


Big Bag fabric can be coated or uncoated. The coating is an additional polypropylene layer of 30g/m2. This makes the fabric waterproof so no moisture can get through the fabric and leakage of fine materials from the FIBC is prevented. Coated big bags usually also have dustproof sewing to seal the seams of the big bag. An additional advantage of coating is that it “glues” the fabric together so no loose threads can fall of and contaminate the FIBC. The disadvantage of coating is of course slightly higher costs. Sometimes it is required that the bulk bag can breathe a little bit which is also prevented by coating.


The most common colour for FIBC is white with a market share of almost 95%. The second colour DIV Trades d.o.o. has always in stock is black which is often used for carbon black big bags. We are able to produce bulk bags in any colour, however, this is only economical for huge orders. No matter which colour the cloth has, it can be printed by us.

UV protection

DIV Trades d.o.o. used UV protection of 150kly as a standard in all its fabrics. This means that fabric that is exposed to sunlight over one year must have 50% of its initial strength left. 150kly equals the sun exposure in the very south of Europe.

Read more about our fabrics on our technical texiles page.