One- and two-loop big bags

Use one and two loop FIBC for easier handling without forklift

  • Single and double loop big bags represent a special solution for handling and storage of materials with big bags
  • One or more big bags can be lifted at the same time with a hook or with similar devices, which presents a significant advantage compared to standard four loop FIBC where usually a forklift is needed and only one big bag is handled simultaneously.
  • Easier loading of bulk vessels or trains where no forklift can be used
  • Most economical big bags (best price-to-carrying weight ratio)

Mostly used for packing fertilizer (e.g. Urea) and in the chemical industry, but is also used for packing various types of grains, seeds, briquettes, pellets, cement and other materials.




Body and lifting loops

One and two point big bags have their body and loops made from a single piece of tubular fabric with a weight from 90 to 200g/m². Around the top of the lifting loop(s) is another piece of fabric wrapped which can be made from any colour which helps to identify the material that is packed in the bag.

One or two loops?

This type of bulk bags can have either one or two loops. Choose the type that is supported by your filling machine.


The dimensions of the bags depend mostly on application, transport and storage.

Standard sizes are:
60x60cm, 62,5x62,5cm, 75x75cm, 80x80cm, 85x85cm, 90x90cm, 95x95cm

Bag height (from bottom to beginning of loop):  
50 - 200cm

Loop height:  
20 - 70cm


Usually is a PE Inliner of 60my to 90my thickness placed inside the one and two loop big bags. They protect the goods from moisture and from product leakage. The more common coating of fabric and dustproof sewing is in case of one and two loop FIBC less frequent but possible.

  • Loose inserted tubular liner
    The most common liner for one and two point FIBC is a loose inserted tubular liner. This type is the most economical solutions for most fertilizer producers. The liner is usually welded at the bottom and open on top. The inliner can be closed with a tie which is placed on the top. 
  • Loose inserted valved tubular liner
    Similar to loose inserted tubular liner but with additional welding on top and a hole in one edge on top for filling.
  • Loose inserted Formliner with inlet and/or outlet spout
    Formliners are inliners that are welded into the shape of a bottle which forms the inlet and/or outlet spout. Formliners can be loose inserted in the bag.
  • Suspended Formliners
    Suspended formliners are fixed at the loops. This has the advantage that the inliner cannot move inside the big bag.

Top of single and two loops bags

The top of one and to loop big bags can be constructed either as an open top, with an inlet spout, or with a top skirt. However, the most common type is an open top construction with an inliner.

Bottom of single and two loop bulk bags

The bottom is either made from a separate piece of quadratic fabric or sewn as a star from the body fabric. The big bag can be equipped with all types of bottom construction like discharge spout, flat bottom or others.

Carrying weight

The Safety work load (SWL) of one and two loop big bags can be between 500kg and 1500kg with a safety factor (SF) of 5:1 (single trip) or 6:1 (multi trip). For fertilizers often 500kg, 600kg, 750kg or 1000kg is used. One and two loops big bags can be furthermore constructed as UN bags.


One and two point big bags can be printed according to customer's requirements. The printings show the company name, logo, basic information about the product and handling informations. The quality of the printing has an important impact on the marketing effect that our customers achieve and we therefore give our best to not only deliver highest quality big bags but also printings. This is especially true for fertilizer big bags.